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Local2Global Solutions

Contributing to a better world

 one community at a time 

Our Approach

“We use participatory approaches to provide sustainable solutions; nurturing community-driven decision-making and building momentum among stakeholders.”

Wafaa El-Osta
Founder, Local2Global Solutions

Local2Global Solutions is a boutique consultancy – We offer  Small and Medium Enterprises training and we develop and implement International Development strategies focusing on sustainable tourism. 

We provide solutions using strategic approaches to generate long-term economic growth. We create participatory environments to diagnose problems and to produce innovative sustainable solutions together. 

At Local2Global Solutions, founder Wafaa El-Osta partners with outstanding specialized advisers to build a team of experts to provide solutions in niche areas, based on client needs.  

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What We Do

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Our Expertise 

Local2Global Solutions builds on years of expertise in multidisciplinary fields, including tourism and international development, dealing with emerging local and global issues. Recent projects have contributed to helping people unleash their potential and transform places to become more sustainable and livable. 

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Identifying and assessing local resources, to set and advance local, national and international conservation goals.

Designing and implementing capacity building programs, to empower and scale-up micro, small and medium enterprises, maximizing their contribution to economic development and community well-being.

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Creating and nourishing local networks to connect small enterprises to their relative industry supply chain and therefore to markets.

Identifying and facilitating public and private partnerships to advance sustainable tourism and stewardship.

Developing decision-making frameworks to involve stakeholders and ensure productive dialogues.

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Branding and destination identity development. 

Designing and leading promotion campaigns..

Identifying niche target markets and specific go-to-market plans, for governments and private businesses.



Wafaa introduced our corporation to new social initiatives and guided us with her passion and professionalism. 

“We are a private enterprise that specializes in organizing events and developing platforms dedicated to food, hospitality and tourism. For the last fourteen years, we have been working to support small social enterprises in rural areas – mostly led by women and youth – to connect them to the hospitality, travel and tourism industry supply chain. This was largely made possible through projects led by Wafaa who introduces us to new initiatives and guided us with her passion and professionalism.” 

Joumana Dammous Salamé 

Managing Partner Hospitality Services s.a.r.l.

Organizations We’ve Served

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