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Local2Global Solutions

Our Vision

Our Mission

To create sustainable economic opportunities for communities worldwide. 

Leveraging resources and global connections
to build the capacity of underserved people and local businesses.

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“My passion for authentic regional identity and genuine prosperity started with my love of my country, its crafts and communities.”


Local2Global Solutions was founded in Toronto, Canada, by Wafaa El-Osta. Inspired by her childhood travels in rural Lebanon, she inherited her father’s appreciation for authenticity and local sourcing. Through Local2Global, she honors her parents’ legacy through the work she conducts to strengthen local economies.

With over fifteen years of experience in international development, Wafaa has worked in the Middle East, Latin America and Canada. Her expertise in sustainable tourism, capacity building and enterprise development has led her to hone skills in finding innovative solutions to problems such as over tourism in established destinations and the marginalization of rural communities.

In Lebanon, Wafaa worked in a number of roles. She was consultant for the World Bank in a strategy development mission. She also worked as sector leader in several USAID projects, resulting in the foundation of a sustainable self-sufficient NGO:                      As co-founder of the NGO Architree, she created an e-commerce catalog to support the craft and design industries, intellectual property workshops held at the                                                   , access-to-market solutions at a variety of                            and the Authentic Lebanon brand.

After moving to Canada, she developed a connection initiative with Costa Rica, resulting in private and public sector partnerships. Recently, as part of Local2Global Solutions, she was contracted to assist the Canadian government in refugee settlement and workforce development.

Wafaa serves as the Ambassador of Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) in Canada. Organizing awareness events and developing resources in support of the Association managing the LMT in Lebanon and coordinating with the American Friends of the LMT. 

At Local2Global Solutions, Wafaa leverages her expertise and networks to form teams ready to roll up their sleeves and accomplish real wins. Her work is guided by the ethic that community wellbeing should be the first consideration for equitable economic development and positive global connections.

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